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How to earn money from Facebook?
To earn money from Facebook, you must have a Facebook account. And you need to add your facebook profile link on our site.

How to get a Facebook account link?
First, go to your Facebook account. Then copy your ID link from the browser\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s address bar.

What would be the ID link look likes?
It would be a little bit like looking at the ID link
1. or

How to submit facebook profile or page link?
1. First, Login to your Clicker Ad account.
2. Then go to your Dashboard.
3. Then click on My Links.
4. Then find an option called Add New Links, click on Add New below.

Then fill out the form with your Facebook ID or Page link.

Wait for the form to be completed, within 24 hours Admin Panel will review and approve your Facebook ID or Page.

How to earn after Facebook ID is approved?
After the Facebook ID is approved, 
1. Go to the Dashboard
2. Click on My Links 
3. Click on the Ad Codes below
4. Then click on Social Sharing Codes
5. Copy the link from the text box below.
6. Then share your link on your Facebook Account or Group timelines.

If your friend clicks on your link, then you will earn.

Please put a comment if you have any questions, or contact the admin, Thanks.

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